About Us

TigerweaR Collection is the beginning of a Southern Legacy. Born from a love of the very traditions & values we were brought up with. We represent the classier fan. The fan that likes to stand out for all the right reasons. From the details in our designs to the texture & quality of our apparel, you can’t beat the feeling of looking like a million bucks. And come on, what southern gentleman or belle doesn’t want to look like a million bucks? Our collection can be worn every day of the year. It fits along the lines of a true southerner’s lifestyle. Comfortable, stylish, and fine quality apparel that is timeless and effortless. TigerweaR Collection adds just the right amount of Southern Charm to the True Fan’s Southern Lifestyle.

What Does This Mean

Auburn University Trademark Licensing Department’s mission is to protect and promote the use of Auburn University name and logos. The Licensing program ensures that the University’s logos are used in a proper manner to uphold with the University’s vision of class and integrity. When shopping for Auburn merchandise, look for the “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” label. This label is your assurance that the product you are purchasing has been approved and represents the goodwill of the University. Products that do not bear the label, but using the marks of Auburn, may represent infringement of the trademark laws. The funds generated by the Licensing program generates revenue to build the scholarship program for the Auburn University. TigerweaR Collection is one of the few brands recognized by Auburn University as an officially licensed collegiate brand and we are thrilled to obtain the CLC trademark.

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